From$300.00 per person

Durations1 Person per Day

TourTypePark Safari

Mkomazi National Park with a surface of 3276 km2 is a home to various principal habitats from tree and shouts savannas to seasonally inundated gross-lands, rocky hills and small mountains.
Mkomazi is also a home highlight within the whole of East Africa. The park is the most distant outpost of the Sahel zone that stretches south from the Sahara desert.
The environment is harsh and dry having many of the features of semi desert but the sheer beauty of the landscape, the purity of style to be seen in the tree and shrub savanna. The striking red, iron-stained soils and colorful floral splendor make Mkomazi a wonderful expanse of land.
Another significance of the park is that it is mostly situated in a pocket in the mountains which greatly increases the diversity of its flora and fauna. Mkomazi is also the only place in Tanzania where one can encounter the rare antelopes that are typical of the Sahel zone, the lesser Kudu, gerenek and beisa Oryx all of them within a short space of time.


  • ☑ Game driving
  • ☑ Guided hiking
  • ☑ Bird watching
  • ☑ Walking safaris 

Tour Plan

Day 1.

Meet at an agreed point then drive to Mkomazi national park 

Day 2.

Mkomazi national park full day game drive

Day 3.

Driving and returning to your destination